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Account Management

How to check my Biznet Home's Account expiry date?

You can check your Biznet Home account expiration date from Biznet Home’ website or by phone.

  • Visit Biznet Home website
  • Click ‘My Account’ on the top hand corner of the page
  • Insert your Customer ID and password at the provided column
  • Click ‘Log In’
  • Click ‘Account Information’ to know the expiry date of your account
  • Click ‘Sign Out’ to sign out from My Account portal

To check using Biznet Home IVR:

  • Dial 1500933 to talk to Biznet Home Care
  • Press 2 for Bahasa Indonesia
  • Press 1 for Biznet Home subscribers
  • Type in your Customer ID follow by #
  • Press 2 to know the expiry date of your account
  • Type in the password to listen to the expiry date of your account
  • Hang up upon completion
What will happen if I postpone my payment or exceed the expiration date?

Biznet Home services will be deactivated automatically by system and you will unable to access Biznet Home services. You are given 45 days to perform payment after their account expired.

What should I do if my internet connection or cable TV suddenly down?

Check beforehand whether your service still valid and hasn’t exceeded expiry date. Make sure to renew your expiration date by purchasing monthly fee service before expired.

For other difficulties and technical issue, feel free to contact Biznet Home Care on and call center: 1500933.

If I want to change Biznet Home service to a different package, where I still have remaining time for the current package, will I get credited for unused time?

If you move to a new package, your Biznet Home account will not be credited for unused time. We recommend changing your package when the current package expired or almost expired.

I'm an existing Biznet Home service customer and I'm moving. How can I keep my Biznet Home service and account?

Relocation can be done provided your house address and location are within our coverage area. However, you are required to purchase Biznet Home Starter Pack and abide by the installation process for the new home address.