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Biznet X TMRW Promo

Biznet Home presents Biznet Home x Bank UOB Promo, which provides a new experience making payments through the TMRW application.


1. This promo is valid for Biznet Home new customers.
2. This promo is only valid for customers who are in The New Biznet Fiber area.
3. This promo is only valid from 01 March 2023 to 30 June 2023.
4. This promo is only valid for payments through the TMRW application using the UOB Bank payment channel, here are the easy steps to make payments through the TMRW Bank UOB application:
● Login to the TMRW app
● Click the Top up and Bill Menu on the dashboard
● Click the cable TV & Internet category
● Choose Biznet Home
● Enter your Biznet Home billing number
● Click Continue
● Enter your Secure Pin
● Successful payment
5. This promo is valid for customers with modem rental schemes or buying modems.
6. This promo is valid for all customers of Biznet Home Internet 0C, Biznet Home Internet 1C, Biznet Home Internet 2C, Biznet Home Gamers 3C, Biznet Home Combo 1C, Biznet Home Combo 2C, Biznet Home Internet 0AS, Biznet Home Internet 1AS, Biznet Home Internet 2AS, Biznet Home Gamers 3AS, Biznet Home Internet 1AW, Biznet Home Internet 2AW, Biznet Home Gamers 3AW, Biznet Home Internet 1AN, Biznet Home Internet 2AN and Biznet Home Gamers 3AN.
7. Customers who will take this promo are required to use a promo code when registering on Biznet website:
PAKEBIZNETTMRW01 for customers who pay 3 months upfront and will get a free 1-month subscription period.
PAKEBIZNETTMRW02 for customers who pay 6 months upfront and will get a free 2-month subscription period.
PAKEBIZNETTMRW03 for customers who pay 12 months upfront and will get a 3-month subscription period.
8. This promo is only valid for 1 transaction per Customer ID during the promo period.
9. Promo fees that have been paid cannot be refunded or cashed.
10. Customers are not allowed to make changes to the service package during the promo subscription period. If the customer still wants to make service changes, the running promo package will be forfeited.
11. Biznet has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions by providing information related to these changes through the website. As well as customers are required to follow the terms and conditions determined by Biznet.
12. By participating in this promo, customers are deemed to understand and agree to all applicable terms and conditions, and are inseparable from the terms and conditions that apply to Biznet Home services.
13. For further information, please contact Biznet Call Center 1500933, email: home_care@biznetnetworks.comand Live Chat: