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Biznet Home collaborates with Bank BRI presenting Biznet Home X BRI MOBILE promo. For BRI MOBILE users, get a free promo for installation fee a subscription to the Biznet Home service specifically for new customers who use promo code  BRIMOPAKEBIZNET. For existing customers, enjoy an extra 7 days of active Biznet Home subscription period. This promo is only valid until 20 November – 10 December 2023.


1. This promo is valid for Biznet Home new customers and existing customers of Biznet Home.
2. This promo is only valid for customers in The New Biznet Fiber area.
3. This promo is valid from November 20 – December 10, 2023.
4. This promo is valid for all Biznet Home service packages including Biznet Home Internet.
5. Customers who take this promo are required to pay Biznet Home bills using BRI MOBILE Application.
6. New customers who take this promo will get a free installation fee from the normal price of Rp 750,000.
7. New Customers who will take this promo are required to use the promo code BRIMOPAKEBIZNET when registering on the Biznet website.
8. Existing customers who pay monthly bills for Biznet Home services using BRI MOBILE, will get an additional 7 days of active period, which will be automatically extended within 1×24 jam.
9. This promo is only valid for 1 transaction per Customer ID during the promo period November 20 – December 10, 2023.
10. Promo fees that have been paid cannot be refunded or cashed.
11. This promo cannot be combined with other promotions.
12. Biznet has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions by providing information related to these changes through the website.
13. Customers are required to follow the terms and conditions specified by Biznet to be able to participate in this promo.
14. By participating in this promo, customers are deemed to understand and agree to all applicable terms and conditions, and are inseparable from the terms and conditions that apply to Biznet Home services.